Sitting in a McDonald’s

I think I’m in Naugatuck right now. There’s a dog grooming place across the way called “Naugy Daugy Pets,” so I think I may be right. I’ve just discovered that I might be able to post to this using my Blackberry. How cool is that?
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The day just improved 1000 percent

So I’m sitting here at the office after eating a rather disgusting cafeteria sandwich for lunch. I’m slowly ramping myself up to get back to doing some work, when the notion hits me that I need Something Else. Something from the candy machine, perhaps.

In most situations, a thought like this would prompt a person to get out of their chair, rummage for change and head for said candy machine. There is a problem with this, however.
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Wash hands before printing

I don’t know how I managed to do it, but I think I might’ve just transferred my sinusitis to a printer here at work. I guess that’s what I get for licking the toner cartridges.

That was different…

So I’m heading for the elevators to get some lunch. Near the door to the elevators is a donation jar set up to collect pennies for a couple of little girls to figure skate. At least, I assume that’s what the jar’s for – I usually pass it on the way to food or Coke, so I’m pretty single-minded when I’m in that area. I know there are pictures of little figure skaters around the jar.
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Haven’t been sleeping again…

I just heard a deep voice outside my cubicle say, apropos of nothing, “I still dig Dorothy Hamill.” I wonder if that’s one of the first warning signs before Tyler Durden shows up. Hearing deep voices praising old school figure skaters.

Man, I need some sleep.

Take THAT, evildoers!

I’ve finally taught my office chair a lesson.

You see, it has this idiotic little lever on the bottom that, when lifted, causes the chair to immediately tilt downwards and forwards. Naturally, the makers of this chair figured the best shape to carve this handle in would be a big paddle that points downward. That way, when Astro sits like he often does when working and/or thinking (note that the two can be mutually exclusive) with his feet under the chair tippy-toe style (okay, I’ll have to take a picture later so you understand), he will immediately press the lever as soon as he turns, thus dumping him forward and releasing a torrent of curses upon the unknowing world.
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I have this image of styrofoam in my head

Two little facts of life occurred to me today:

1) If your girlfriend makes you wonderful cookies with powdered sugar on the top, don’t take them back to your computer to eat. The slightest puff of air from your face, be it nose or mouth, will coat your keyboard with a light white powder.

2) One of the more disgusting feelings in the world is to be convinced that a glass is full of Sprite and realize in mid-gulp that it’s ordinary water. I have no problems drinking water, but when you’re expecting bubbly and sweet you’ll probably do a Danny Kaye spit-take too.

Back up again, but… for how long?

According to my webhost, UUNet’s been having some problems out there and it’s caused everything related to my host and its sites to occasionally be completely and totally unreachable. Of course, UUNet’s Network Operations Center page showed no problems and I could get to other sites across the UUNet backbone (Through ALTER.NET, to be specific). Sounds like they’re making up things like I used to back in my web tech support days. Oh well. Maybe I’ll be up long enough to post this.