Photo Day

Well, yesterday was primarily spent sleeping. The gemzar doesn’t seem to be as bad as the cisplatin was, and Dr. D thinks that the decadron they gave me as a premed was causing a large part of my stomach distress. Apparently even though it’s given for its anti-nausea properties, it can have kind of a rebound effect when it wears off. I got my Neulasta yesterday, and other than being a little muddleheaded (compared to last week where I was only a little coherent), I’m feeling fine.

Barb has posted her blizzard photos so you can see what she, her brother and nephew had to dig us out of on Sunday. There’s another new photo for you to see as well, but since that’s a surprise, I’m going to make you click the “read more” to see it.
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Okay, So This Is Weird…

So Barb and I are getting dinner ready tonight (well, she’s getting it ready and I’m getting it from her) when the doorbell rings. I open it up to discover one of Hartford’s Finest standing outside. Apparently, one of the sons/grandsons of the former occupants of our house has a warrant out for his arrest and our house is still listed as his current address. As if it weren’t bad enough we’re still getting the family’s mail, now we’re getting their arresting officers as well.

I explain the situation as best I can, owing to my increasingly poor memory and recollection of names. Plus, I get the thought in my head that maybe this guy’s not a real cop. Maybe he’s some kind of scam artist in a cop suit trying to pull something on us. I don’t even see a cop car in the immediate area. Is that supposed to be a police issue Geo across the street? Wouldn’t his uniform fit better than that? And it’s raining out – shouldn’t he have his hat on with one of those little shower cap things?

It’s hard to think about conspiracies and cons and talk about another subject at the same time, at least for me. The conversation runs around in circles for a couple of minutes before we get back on track and I remember that one of the owner’s daughters works at a place still in the area, so I give them that info. He thanks me and turns away from the door. As he’s walking down our porch steps, I suddenly realize there had been another officer just off to one side of the door who I hadn’t even noticed. Gotta start paying more attention, but hey – I’m tired and weak.

I lock the door and turn around to go back to the kitchen and tell Barb what just happened (she was on the phone when the doorbell rang) when I hear the name of the person they’re looking for again. In a voice much deeper than Barb’s. I get back to the kitchen to find that there were even more than my two cops – the others had gone to the back door to watch for runners and question Barb, who took them pretty much down the same path I did, just with less stumbling and wandering about. Turns out I didn’t see the cruisers ’cause they were in our driveway, cutting off the escape.

What a night.

Back Up to Speed

Let’s see, what all has happened in the past… holy crap! Twenty five days? Wow, I suck.

The hockey season finished with my team missing the playoffs. We actually had a mathematical chance of making it going into the last game. If the team above us was beaten and we won, we were in. Sadly, they won and we were beaten, something like 12-4. To make it even worse, we got the first four goals of the game. Oy. Well, the new season starts this Wednesday, so we’ll see how the team looks this year.

Cancer-wise, my PET scan is this Friday, and we’ll find out the results next week, along with where we go from here. My bonus end=of-chemo present finally arrived on Thursday. Barb had a t-short made for me with my “Cancer is my bitch” slogan. Sadly, we can’t wear t-shorts with writing at work, or I would’ve worn it Friday. We had a Queen’s Night Christmas party on Saturday, so I wore it then to rave reviews. I’m almost done with my bumpersticker design, so hopefully I’ll be able to order those shortly.

I’ve been feeling pretty good, being chemo-less and all, but I think my body was expecting a treatment last week. I had many of the lesser symptoms through Friday, even feeling a touch of the chemo tiredness at one point. Stupid conditioned body. Hopefully this week my body will finally realize the chemo is over.

Oh, and I’m putting together a little list of Hodgkin’s tips to help out the people coming into this after me. I’ll have a link on the left side of the page to it, just in case you need to reference it further down the road. At the moment, it’s kind of ugly and unreadable, but I’ll eventually get around to making it pretty. Right around the time that I redesign the site, post the house photos, post the wedding photos, the past few years of birthdays… Oh man, I’m feeling dizzy.

A quick update

Three reasons why I haven’t answered your emails or posted anything lately:

1) My monitor is currently sitting in little pieces on my office floor. No, I didn’t have the final breakdown. My monitor’s been acting really wonky for awhile now, acting like it wants to pull a Yorick on me. Luckily, Barb found a site that explains how to take apart and repair your LCD monitor. I’ve finished the taking apart part, now I’m in the “waiting for the parts to arrive” stage.

2) Barb kidnapped me on Friday. It was my “Done with Chemo” surprise, one week early. I’ll tell you more, but it’s taking a looooong time to type it all up, especially since I have no monitor at home.

3) I have a mix CD to put together and get out by Friday for the MonkeyFilter CD Exchange.

So eventually life will calm down again and I can get back to writing occasionally. Whee.

Oh, and in case I don’t get to say anything before then, tomorrow is THE LAST TREATMENT. About time.

Bad, but not horrible news

Some bad news on the chemo front – my white blood cell count was too low to get my treatment. I guess that Neulasta shot is doing something besides making me sore and tired after all. What does this mean? Well, first, it means I’m really depressed. Second, it means the treatment gets put off for a week. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do to make my body produce more white cells. Luckily, there’s also not much I can do to prevent it from making them either. So now it’s just a waiting game until next Thursday, then we’ll do another blood test and see where I stand. Ugh.
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Purple is the New Black

So I’ve reached that most exciting of days in every hockey player’s life – new gear! Well, some pieces anyways. Couple of jerseys, some new pants and a wicked cool shirt/pads thing to protect my port. I wasn’t sure how well it would work just looking at the pictures, but it turns out that my port fits right in between two of the foam cells (all bordered by the white lines in the drawings), so it’s about as protected as it can get. Even more than if it were covered by one of the cells. Rockin’!

I was planning on making this a longer entry, going into me deciding again to post every night, maybe discussing some future website plans (hint: comments for real), maybe talking about work. Then I realized that the air conditioner was off today and it’s a bit toasty up here. Down to the second floor I go…

Another Amazing Revelation

So this past weekend, Barb and I are watching a VH1 special about the KISS Alive album. I discovered that yet again, I had been living a lie. I could’ve sworn the guy with the star on his face was Ace Frehley. Turns out it’s Paul Stanley. Live and learn. Peter Criss is still the creepiest of the bunch. I also left with the feeling that the whole KISS phenomenon was some little mental exercise Gene Simmons was playing on the world.

Quick Unsatisfying Update

Hey gang. Just a quick update to let you know I’m still indeed alive, though at the moment I can’t think of how to catch up the various people who need catching up. I started the new job on Friday, I’ve gotten out of credit card debt, I have some new shoes, I’ve signed up to play roller hockey starting on the 14th of this month, I still have cancer, I still despise Neulasta, Barb’s helping me get my life back on track (an by result, our life) and helping me find old bills and debts to pay off, I changed the oil in my truck (again, due to Barb), and… ummm… that’s about all I can think of. Now I need to go tear apart a couple of computers to create a zombie.

Hockey and Supercross

Well, I finally did it. I got the skates back on yesterday. The weather was nice and cool and my body was feeling tired and worn out from work, but I decided as I walked to my truck that I’d skate again today. I had second thoughts after getting all of my hockey gear on, as I worked up one hell of a sweat just doing that.
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