About Moondoggie

You know who I am. Or who I was. Or something. I’m not being cocky, I just figure the only people who would even bother to check the site at this point are the people who already know me. Sure, maybe you’re brand new here, in which case, have a seat. I’ll get around to making a brand new About page eventually. I’m still in the midst of combining five websites into one, so don’t get your knickers in a twist.

In the meantime I figure this is a good spot to mention that, while I may talk about medical things here, I’m not a doctor. Much the same way that while I may space out from time to time, I’m not an astronaut. It hasn’t been ruled out that I’m some form of minor deity but if I am, I’m probably somewhere in the Greek pantheon, since most of them were as messed up as regular human beings.

I should probably also state that the FBI has not officially ruled me out in the D.B. Cooper case. Granted, I was five and a half months old when it all happened, but I still haven’t received any word from them that I’m not on the suspect list.

It might seem like I’m a huge fan of commas, but really I just use them any time my brain pauses or the small high school English teacher who lives in my brain yells at me. Of course, it should have been obvious that I’m not overly enamored of commas, since I tend to leave them lying around everywhere.

I was considering make this a recommendations page, since I feel that what a person recommends can tell you a lot about them. Instead, I’ll make that its own thing, since there will eventually be a lot of things on it. Or not. That’s the other thing with me and this site. We go through phases of feverish activity followed by ponderous neglect.

While my earliest posts here date back to 2000, the Moondoggie site was actually born in 1997, back before “weblogging” became something you could easily do. Instead, I was hand-coding HTML pages to put my brain pieces out on the internet. While it seems a little ponderous compared to today’s slick content management systems, it was still better than the typewriter I used to gather those thoughts in a notebook called “Notes from the Realm of Insanity.” Yes, I was in high school at the time, why do you ask?

The notebook still exists, mostly for me to read any time I start thinking I’m writing really, really well since back in those days I was thinking I was writing really, really well.

I wasn’t.