Around for a bit more…

So one thing we forgot about during the honeymoon planning was that I’d need to be back in Hartford the day after my treatment to get my Neulasta shot. We talked it over with the doc and nurses and decided we could get barb to give me the shot tomorrow. They called in to place the prescription and we went to pick it up. Turns out, my insurance plan has a $3000 limit on prescriptions. One Neulasta shot costs around $2700. Eeeeyikes! When they give the shot to me in the office, it’s billed differently, so it doesn’t count against my limit. Which means we have to spend the night in Hartford, or drive 2 hours to our honeymoon spot in RI, then two hours back to here, then two hours back again. Oy. We’re spending the night.
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Back, But For How Long??

We’re back in Hartford today to undergo chemo treatment number 3. The wedding went without a hitch on Saturday. Wait. The wedding did wind up with one hitch – that being the hitch between Barb & I. As for problems, there were mostly none. At least, none so major that they kept Barb from having the wedding exactly like she imagined it. I call that without a hitch. Other than ours. Right.

Will Hines, groomsman extraordinaire, wins the prize for quickest publishing of photos, as well as excellent commentary. Expect more photos to slowly pop up over the ensuing weeks and months.
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For Those with Kids

I just figured I’d get this out there before the impending wedding this weekend. For anyone who’s going to be at the reception and/or the wedding and has kids, I apologize if I seem like I’m avoiding them.

But basically, I kinda am.

You see, right now all of this chemo and cancer is weakening my immune system. And you know how germs love to latch on to the little ones. So my doctor hasn’t banned me outright from being around kids just yet, but he does want me to limit contact with them.

So just please know that while on Friday and/or Saturday you might occasionally see me scooting away from the little ones, I do love all of your kids (in a friendly, non-stalkerly way) and I’m happy to see them. It’s just that for a brief period in my life, I need to see them… over there.
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The Value of Values

So I’m preparing for my daily battle with the Candy Machine of Evil. I’ve pulled my keys out of my pocket so as to better gather all of my shiny silver change without endlessly pawing at my groin area for the change. As I’m pulling out my fistful of happiness (we’re still talking coins here), a rogue nickel goes flying out of my hand, spins its whirling dervish on the ground, then bolts under a refrigerator before I can stomp it into submission.
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A Quick Name Change

The more I looked at “The Cansuh Chronicles” link, the less I liked it. I mean sure I’ve “got the cansuh,” but specifically, I’ve got the Hodge. And now, the Hodge Podge is borne.

Still haven’t dug into the comments thing yet, though…

Father’s Day Might Be A Mother

Man, I’m starting to get irregular on my posting already. I’ll do better, I promise.

The past few days have been pretty good, even garnering the comment from my boss “You seem way too energetic to be going through chemo” on a couple of occasions. Today might be another matter. I woke up with the upper back/glass in spinal column pain this morning, plus a post-nasal-drip-sore throat. Oy. Our wedding is next Saturday, and I’d damn well better not have clogged sinuses.
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Oh yeah…

…and I’m really getting tired of this Michael Jackson crap. Maybe that’s why I’m sick – it’s not the chemo, it’s the Jacko.

Latest Update

Well, today’s not going so well so far. Woke up at 5, nauseous, pukey and depressed. I’ve taken some of my nausea meds and am going to try going back to bed. I’ll probably give the doc a call a little later today to see what the deal is.

Yesterday wasn’t too bad for me. I’ve been having sore hands, like bruised-sore, but they’re feeling okay today.

Well, back to sleep I go…

Oh Yeah…

And my throat hurts. And my back kinda. Other than that, today is just tired. On that note, I’m going downstairs to make a couple of sandwiches to go with these chips.

Catch Up Time

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated up here, but it’s been for a number of reasons.

1) The weather has taken a turn for the hot and my home office is not equipped for cooling. Nothing like being worn out from chemo and sitting in a hundred degree steambath trying to think of witty things to say.

2) My pain took a turn for the worse this past weekend. Unbelievable nerve-type pain through my upper back, eventually settling in my pelvis and knees. there’s three more days spent bed-ridden.
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