Not much time to post

Not much time to post for the past few days – imagine that, they have me working. I finished off the bag of M&Ms a couple of days ago due to exceedingly strenuous moderation on my part, so today I hit the machine again. I’m thinking about swinging by Costco & gettin’ El Bag-o Grande de M&M’s, so stay tuned. Of course, if I do, who knows how long it’ll take me to count ’em. In the meantime, here’s 75 cents worth for today:

7 Green
7 Yellow
5 Red
4 Brown
3 Orange
2 Blue

28 Total

Today’s batch was 17.86% cancerous, which could actually be quite higher since they all tasted rather stale for some reason.

Okay, it’s time to start

Okay, it’s time to start ranting about soft drinks again. On our floor this morning, we have one smoothee in a can, one 7 Up and a… Fresca. Who in the hell drinks Fresca? I go downstairs to the next floor and find a bazillion Diet Cokes, 5 more smoothees in a can and (praise the caffeinated gods) a Mountain Dew. Now I’m drinking the drink choice of an extreme nation and my day can begin. Booya.

Talk about perfect timing. Burfdog

Talk about perfect timing. Burfdog is going wacko barking at nothing in particular and I’m listening to this song with the chorus of “I’m gonna kill the dog next door, ain’t gonna bark anymore…” All of us in my area are rallying around the song right now. I think my WinAmp has turned violent on me – now it’s switched to “Let There Be Guns”, also by the Worms. The scary thing is, it’s set to random play right now. I guess I’d better put on my headphones before Denis Leary kicks in…

Oh my blog, he’s back!

Oh my blog, he’s back! I haven’t been in much of an “update my life” mood as of late, so everything’s fallen by the wayside. If you think this blog is bad, you should see my yard. And if you do see my yard, could you do something about it for me? It scares me.

Anyway, the reason for me to dust off my blog and do an update was yet another purchase of M&Ms (peanut, as always). This time, I sprung for a big bag from the local deli to finally do a cost/cancer comparison. I bought a 10 ounce bag and got down to counting:

10 Orange
15 Green
15 Blue
17 Red
18 Brown
33 Yellow

108 Total

My, my, my – look at all of them thar yeller ones. The big bag had a relatively small cancer index – this one was a mere 16.67% cancerous. As for the cost, it was pretty much close to the same as our unfaithful little machine here at work. If it belches out 73 M&Ms, the cost is 2.74 cents each, while the 72 M&M payout runs at 2.77 cents each. The bag weighs in at 2.77 cents each as well, so the only real difference is exercise.

In other news, the word for the day is “smurf”. Now, isn’t that just smurfy?