Just grabbed $2.00 worth of

Just grabbed $2.00 worth of M&M’s from the little machine, so here’s The M&M Rundown for Monday:

4 orange
8 green
12 blue
16 red
16 yellow
19 brown

75 total

Today’s cup o’ M&M’s is a whopping 21.3% cancerous. Eeeyikes.

First off, no, not those

First off, no, not those Hansons – we’re talking hockey here. go watch Slap Shot, you little teenaged freak!

Okay, so Marq over at girlstar is currently singing the Smurfs song using only the word “blog”. For the life of me, I can’t remember how that went – the “Fraggle Rock” theme is as close as I can get. Of course NOW I’m sitting here with the Fraggle Rock song stuck in my head, sung using only the word “blog”. Gee, thanks Marq.

In other news, I was checking out a horoscope for tomorrow – looks like I’m in for a fun weekend:

“Your emotions will be unstable and your mate will be questioning what he or she has done to upset you. Your nervousness will cause suspicions. Don’t be fickle; be honest and discuss the problem.”

Ahhh…. 30 more minutes until

Ahhh…. 30 more minutes until the weekend begins. Hockey tonight, more movies waiting in the mail for me, a birthday party tomorrow (the Bossman’s), and absolutely, positively, without a doubt nothing at all planned for Sunday. Just the way it should be.

My God! That clock’s hands have started moving soooooo sloooooowly…

I’ve noticed an interesting trend in the blogs lately. People are wondering what the big deal is with Napster’s legal problems. Several I’ve run across have pointed out that you can still get mp3s everywhere and that people who use Napster are just lazy. Interesting that they put this on their easy-to-use blog from blogger.

Me? I’m all for ease of use. Never went for those velcro shoes though – I couldn’t get back up if I was sitting Native American-style on shag carpeting.

I know I’ve mentioned this

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but my horoscope often tends to be eerily accurate:

“You’re more stubborn today than usual, inclined to whine if things don’t go your way. Instead of dwelling on what you can’t change, focus on getting something accomplished that you’ve been putting off — it’ll help your mood if you feel like you’ve achieved something today.”


Okay, so I use Yahoo!

Okay, so I use Yahoo! for my most checked email (which is conveniently accessible through that “contact” link over there, hint hint) and it’s has been Poh KEY today. The best thing was just a second ago, however. I had just sent an email and was trying to go back to view my folders. It hung again, trying to connect. As my mind does, my eyes started to wander from boredom. What do they land on but the banner ad at the top of the page. One of those spiffy animated banners (frozen, of course) that pretends like it’s filling in the blanks to an answer. “Yahoo! Mail is F A S _ ”

Is it any wonder people are always wondering why I’m laughing?

Memo to myself: Do the

Memo to myself: Do the dumb things I gotta do – touch the Puppet Head.

You know, I’m starting to grow accustomed to these sticky little things on top of my bagel. I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Don’t know what’s up with

Don’t know what’s up with me today – I’m in a blah mood. Sort of like there’s a tinge of beige to the world. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with me that I could point to as the cause of my crappy feeling of the day. I’d call it a general overall malaise, just ’cause I’ve been looking for an excuse to say “malaise” for the past couple of weeks.

But my day’s already gotten better – Marketing Wank just came in and turned on ALL of the lights (hey buddy, think there’s a reason the only person here is sitting with only half the fluorescents on?) and the Pug has arrived, snorting and snuffling its way past my desk. And to top it all off, I took the “What Breed of Dog Are You?” test over at EMode and discovered that yes, I’m a Pug. If a giant anvil would just fall on me right now, it would make my day perfect.