Day One Done

Well, I’m done with a looooong day one of the new ICE chemo. I wound up outlasting everyone there. They had one lady left, but she arrived a couple of hours into my treatment, so I beat her too. Yay me. I was there from 9:30 until 4:00. Holy cow!

I got some good work on my current cross-stitch project, but it’s going really slowly ’cause of some small screwy stitches that I have to do. I’d show you my progress, but it’s a gift for Barb and I think she knows about this site.

Ellen (one of the nurses) asked if I was doing the Rosie Greer thing. I told her I’d seen a lot of the book and couldn’t bring myself to spend so much time on something so ugly (though that director’s chair is pretty sweet).

And now it’s time for me to go lie down for a bit. Watch some TV, play a game, watch some TV – I’ve got the whole world in front of me there.

The Goon is Back and You’re Gonna Be in Trouble

Well, we lost another one, but this time we got to play to the end. The final score was 9-7. We got the first goal (my linemate) and at one point later in the game we had pulled within one goal, but they just kept getting that extra goal. I got a little more rough and tumble than I have been, a little closer to how I used to play, but still no penalties. My trainer had me do a boxing workout on Monday and I told him it would be his fault if I got a fighting major.

Looking back I see I didn’t post anything about the last game the week before last – another mercy rule game, this time 12-2 and I was a -4 I think. Tonight I was a -3, but only because I was out there for two of our goals.

At one point in the game tonight I went into the boards with a guy, pushing and shoving for the puck and we both went down. When I got up, the whole rink just kept doing slow 360s around me. I wound up winning my faceoff anyway and played out the rest of my shift. I just had to keep my eye on one person and focus. I wound up short shifting after that.
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