Haven’t been sleeping again…

I just heard a deep voice outside my cubicle say, apropos of nothing, “I still dig Dorothy Hamill.” I wonder if that’s one of the first warning signs before Tyler Durden shows up. Hearing deep voices praising old school figure skaters.

Man, I need some sleep.

I’m really losing it…

Okay, so I’m listening to the Cookie Monster sing and he gets to a curious part. “A round donut with a bite taken out of it also looks like a C, but it is not as good as a cookie.”

I sat here in stunned silence, my mind a-twitter.
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Great. Just wonderful.

So I’m walking through the Government Center T stop and an MBTA cop passes me going the other way with a dog sniffing around. “Cute dog” is my first thought. “Cute bomb-sniffing dog” is my second. Uh oh. Now I’m wondering if I should be messing around with my Palm Pilot. Don’t want to look like I’m setting a timer or anything…
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Tact isn’t how carpets are laid.

Originally written while I was in the dentist’s office last week

You know, sometimes it’s strange how people often don’t think about their surroundings. For instance, I’m currently sitting here at the dentist’s office waiting for a cleaning (insert oral hygeine joke). They scheduled an 11:00 for me, but it was really an 11:30. Another Astro was here already, getting work done, then returning to the waiting room. They come back to call him in, just saying “Astro.” He goes back and I wonder what’s going on. This is when they finally tell me the time screw-up.
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