The Amazing Chocolatier

Just got back from seeing Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. A truly excellent remake, but what else would you expect from the Tim Burton crew? Nice to see Danny Elfman go back to his Boingo roots with the Oompa Loompa songs too. All in all, this version seemed a bit more… sinister than the original. Something about the occasional looks on Depp’s face. You could almost imagine each child’s gruesome end in his eyes.
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Thank God for iPod…

Okay, it’s one thing to be listening to a radio at work. It’s another thing to turn that radio up louder. And for God’s sake, don’t SING ALONG!!!!

Today Means Yesterday

There. Got that out of the way, first things first. It’s almost one in the morning on Thursday, but all of the proceeding tale happened on Wednesday. Because of that and the fact that I haven’t been to sleep yet, today is still a part of yesterday to me and will be referred to as today. Or vice versa. Go it? Good. Explain it to me tomorrow. Today. Whatever.
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Things are Brewin’

Incidentally, the creativity has been bubbling around in me as of late. I’ve been working on some of our web stuff at work and have been getting into more of a web troubleshooting mindset because of it. So, expect weird things on the site over the next few days. I might start tinkering, unless I’m getting married again or going off on another honeymoon.

Trapped in a Half Hour Episode

Okay, so the R. Kelly question has been answered. Apparently it’s not me who he was trying to “punk” (as the kids say nowadays), rather his producers and record label. Turns out “Trapped in a Closet” is an “Urban Opera” where indeed he does just recite a laundry list of things that happened to him. The trick is, the story takes FIVE VIDEOS. Maybe more, but the “first five” are available with on DVD with purchase of his CD. Not only that, VH1 has seen fit to create a half hour special where they basically play the DVD for you. This is what I just got finished watching. Damn you, TiVo!

I liked R. Kelly better in the zorro mask – his little piggy eyes freak me out a little.
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I Deny the Denial

First off, does R. Kelly really have a song about hiding in a closet, or is he just playing a big prank on me? Not sure why he would, other than I like Me First & the Gimme Gimmes covering his music more than him singing it.

On to the post.

So I realized today that I’m not really sure how my mind is accepting/treating my cancer. I’ll explain.
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