I have this image of styrofoam in my head

Two little facts of life occurred to me today:

1) If your girlfriend makes you wonderful cookies with powdered sugar on the top, don’t take them back to your computer to eat. The slightest puff of air from your face, be it nose or mouth, will coat your keyboard with a light white powder.

2) One of the more disgusting feelings in the world is to be convinced that a glass is full of Sprite and realize in mid-gulp that it’s ordinary water. I have no problems drinking water, but when you’re expecting bubbly and sweet you’ll probably do a Danny Kaye spit-take too.

Back up again, but… for how long?

According to my webhost, UUNet’s been having some problems out there and it’s caused everything related to my host and its sites to occasionally be completely and totally unreachable. Of course, UUNet’s Network Operations Center page showed no problems and I could get to other sites across the UUNet backbone (Through ALTER.NET, to be specific). Sounds like they’re making up things like I used to back in my web tech support days. Oh well. Maybe I’ll be up long enough to post this.

The Health of a Moondoggie

Remember all of those allusions I was making to medical problems and medical procedures and the like? Well, I just got done yesterday and have a mostly clean bill of health. Rather than life-threatening problems with my body, I just have embarassing old man-style problems. Hooray for me! Many thanks for all of you out there who were thinking positive thoughts for me.

Say, could you pass me that little inflatable pillow? Thanks.
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A thought on thanking

After writing the aforementioned email to Patrick (no, not Patrick Stewart – keep guessing), I realized that I did a lot of thanking in the email and the added one on this site. Well, maybe not an effusive amount, but enough so that I noticed it. Mostly, it’s due to a philosophy change on my part. Well, maybe not a philosophy change. Change of outlook? New goal? Resolution?
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A Note for a Possible New Reader

Just in case he happens by here, I’d like to once again thank Patrick for reading through my email and at least getting far enough through it to see my web address and wonder who the lunatic is who’s emailing him. Sorry again to bug you, man!

Ho ho hoooooooo!

Well, last night we had our First Annual Snowqueen Christmas Extravaganza. I even made some Commemorative Christmas CDs for everyone (I’m only showing the front cover so the RIAA doesn’t come after me – ya nevah know). Basically, it was our regular Sunday crew gathering to exchange gifts, eat chicken nuggets and watch the Anna Nicole Smith Show. It’s a good thing we had time to let the nuggets settle before watching the ANSS. Man, that episode went from funny to sad and ugly in record time.

But who wants to hear about that? What we all show up for are the presents, right?
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I’m really losing it…

Okay, so I’m listening to the Cookie Monster sing and he gets to a curious part. “A round donut with a bite taken out of it also looks like a C, but it is not as good as a cookie.”

I sat here in stunned silence, my mind a-twitter.
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If I Were a Rich Man…

So I was doing some random web browsing this morning and found something I just had to mention ’cause it’s so amazingly ridiculous.

First off, I’m a big fan of the Mini Cooper, both old and new, and desperately lust after owning the new one. In the meantime, I’m starting up a nice little stockpile of toy Mini Coopers. I was wandering around eBay (I have a boatload of Simpsons too, but still not all of ’em) and discovered there are actually a couple of different versions of a Hot Wheels Mini Cooper that I’ve bought. I have a whole herd of yellow ones, but appraently there are some green ones out there. Plus, there are some green ones in the old Mini style.
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