Astro’s Back… Tell a Friend

Okay, I’m back. I’ve been letting the blog percolate in my mind for awhile, trying to decide what direction to take it now.

  • I could go the daily life route, but I don’t really have a lot of different things going on in my life and that would get old quick.
  • Thanks to good ol’ depression, I’ve stopped almost all of my hobbies, so that cuts down on content quite a bit. Everyone out here seems to have some degree of depression, so there wouldn’t be much light I could shed on that.
  • According to my Middle-Aged CIS White Guy ID card, I’m apparently supposed to spend a large amount of time telling people how to live their lives, but I’ll save that for screaming at the neighborhood children from my porch. Just kidding – we don’t have a porch.
  • I could fill the space with helpful how-tos about things I know how to do, but I usually give people too much credit to think that anyone needs to hear me explain how to do something. Oh shit, they’re going to revoke my Middle-Aged CIS White Guy ID card, aren’t they?
  • I could somehow encapsulate all of those ideas into letting you follow along with a Great Life Journey.

I’ve decided to go with option… fuck, I used bullet points instead of numbers. That last one – I’m going with the last one.

Yeah, it seems like a cop-out of sorts, giving myself the freedom to write about anything, but I’m thinking more about the focus than anything. The old days of Moondoggie were mostly me talking to imaginary internet people about absolutely random shit. Once I was diagnosed with cancer, it all evolved into Cancer is My Bitch, where my cancer journey was the guiding focus. I toyed with other sites later, Lethological to track the difficulties I was having with chemobrain and From Couch to Coach to track my journey to becoming a CrossFit coach, but neither really hooked me enough to solidify what I was doing there. The ADD doesn’t help much either, since it’s easy to get distracted by the new shiny and forget about something for a few days. Or weeks. Okay, fine. Years.

I took everything offline for awhile during a recent job hunt, and now it’s two years later and I’ve realized I’ve missed writing. My return to my neglected sites coincides with the next big steps in a medical journey, so what better time to shift gears?

For the couple of people were CiMB readers or have somehow been old school Moondoggie followers in one form or another, it’s not a cancer thing. At least all of my doctors tell me that all of these symptoms I’ve been having lately aren’t cancer things, even though the only time I’ve had them in the past was the last time doctors were telling me I didn’t have cancer. Right up until, you know, I did.

While I do have new and spectacular health issues to concern myself with, this isn’t that post. Not yet. It’s still brewing. Part of me is waiting for it to be Official and part of me is just wanting the Big Dramatic Reveal like the fucking drama queen that part of me is. You know how I feel about those types of people, so you can imagine how much I dislike that little part of me.

Says the guy writing all of his problems on the internet to a group of strangers and acquaintances.

But that’s the trick to this blog. I’ve scrolled back through some of my old posts and it’s like I’m reading someone else’s writing. And while this author sometimes just won’t get to the fucking POINT, I still like the things he has to say and he still makes me laugh. Or smile. Or tear up.

We really need a new word for that, by the way. Just when writing, so you know if there are tears or if there are tears. And if you immediately read those as two different words, you’re mind kind of people. Have a seat.

Anyway, I’ve decided my primary audience is Future Me. I was going to say “from this point forward,” but let’s be honest, it always has been. I can’t get myself to sit down with a diary and write things out, but I have noooo problem with typing it on the Internet for everyone to see. Well, not everything, but you know. Present Me likes the way Past Me writes, even if Past Me is the asshole who keeps pushing all of his work and worries on to me. By the way, sorry about that, Future Me.

I need a new word for “anyway” too, because I was about to start this paragraph with it and realized that’s how I started the last paragraph and I heard my former English teachers screaming from their… homes? Graves? Hospital beds? I mean, I’m kind of old now, so who knows where they are.

Anyway, (hah) I finally got back to directing my browser at the ol’ site and felt I needed to do something to celebrate. I uploaded the new header graphic (if this is being read Years in the Future, it’s the one I made from my new Moondoggie logo) and if I’m on the site anyway, I might as well start typing a bunch of semi-random words that have been percolating in my head for the last few years. In about ten minutes, Pro Motocross kicks off in Budd’s Creek Maryland, so I’m going to wrap this up for now and who knows, maybe I’ll be back here four hours from then.

Or maybe four years. I’m kooky like that.

Post-posting edit. I just made the mistake of looking at the site on an iPhone and discovered my graphic does NOT scale one little bit. And the race is starting right now, so I’ll have this in the back of my mind for the next four hours. Fuuuuuuuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.

Still not great, two years later

Okay, here’s how weird my brain is. I guess July is the time of year when I decide to get back to blogging. Fuck, do they call it “blogging” anymore? Is writing things down even still a thing? Like writing with no real purpose other than entertaining strangers with the stupid shit in your head? Is that what TikTok is?

Anyway, I took the site down for a year or two so I wouldn’t have to think about keeping up with it and now I’m thinking about keeping up with it again. And holy crap, is there a lot of old stuff patched together around here.

Like I usually do when I decide to restart my web life ( is 25 years old this year), I read back through a couple of posts. The post before this will pretty much bring you up to speed on my life, because it seems like I’ve apparently been idling for the past couple of years and living within the confines of that post. I have a few more worries in my life, which I may get around to later, but for now, just a quick “I’m still alive and still messed up” for the one or two people who might randomly wonder what I’ve been up to and pull up the old website.

Don’t Panic.

If you’re here from one of my other sites (Cancer is My Bitch, Lethological, From Couch to Coach), I’m currently trying to combine them all into one location, here on Moondoggie. You’re not going to be able to find all the old stuff for a little while (you know how I am), but eventually everything will be here.

I think I’ve managed to get the text part of my posts all here, but there may be a lot of broken graphics, images, and links. If you find something broken that you neeeeeeed, leave a comment here.

A Brief Update Post to Get Us Started

I’m still trying to figure out what this site’s gonna look like, now that I’ve vowed to not do any programming. Which means I’ll probably be doing some programming.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written my thoughts and happenings, so naturally a lot has happened. Here’s a quick summary of the past 14 years or so:

  • Got cancer
  • Beat cancer
  • Got a dog
  • Short-sold a house so I could quit my job and find my happy
  • Ended life as a web programmer
  • Danced a little
  • Started living la vida renter
  • Became a CrossFit coach
  • Opened a CrossFit gym
  • Changed some lives
  • Sold the gym
  • Bought a dirt bike, trailer and all the relevant accoutrements to get back into motocross
  • Got a job that makes me happy
  • Bought a house

A lot of things happened in between those things of course, but these are some of the highlights off the top of my mind. I’m sure I’ll come back to some of these things eventually, and some of it currently exists on other sites, which I’ll eventually be folding into here. Probably. Maybe. Eventually.

Now that the catching up is done, we can get on to the blogging proper. Pitter patter.