Hockey and Supercross

Well, I finally did it. I got the skates back on yesterday. The weather was nice and cool and my body was feeling tired and worn out from work, but I decided as I walked to my truck that I’d skate again today. I had second thoughts after getting all of my hockey gear on, as I worked up one hell of a sweat just doing that.
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The Itch is Back

Well, the itchy hands thing has come back. I went to see my doc (who wound up as one of the top doctors in the nation according to a recent US News & World Report article) and he said it’s not related to the Hodgkin’s. He said I’ve been doing so amazingly well and the nodes have shrunk so much, that there’s just no way the cancer could be doing this.
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I’m Back!

Hey gang. After days of electrical problems, ISP problems, chemo problems and general ennui, I have returned! And it’s all thanks to Conan O’Brien.

You see, I’m sitting in my chemo nest watching Conan O’Brien on MSNBC. I know – I was surprised too, but hey, it’s all NBC right? Regardless, even showing Family Guy won’t make me watch Fox News.
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