And So It Begins…

Today, we have one of those sort of “first day of the rest of your life” moments. Today is the day my doctor told me I have cancer.

Fortunately enough for me, as these things go, I have Hodgkin’s Disease. Apparently as cancers go, this one is exceedingly treatable and curable. I’ve been sick in some way or another for quite awhile now, and hopefully Hodgkin’s is behind the problems. With that in mind, it doesn’t seem like such a bad diagnosis. I’ve gone so long with doctors scratching their heads that I’m glad we finally have a name for what’s wrong with me.

Interesting how he medical profession works like wizardry in the old fantasy tales. Knowing another sorceror’s name gave you complete control of that person. Knowing the name of the disease wracking my body gives doctors the ability to kill off what’s inside me. Go figure.

So now my site has switched gears. It’s going to be concerned with how the treatment’s going, both as a constant update to friends and family, as well as an eventual archive for people who might be going through what I’m about to embark upon.

Let’s get this party started.