Sweeter than wine

No tests today – I get a break for the weekend. Well, except for the visiting nurse showing up this morning around 9:30. She took a good look at my incision and said that there were no stitches used, just a big steri-strip. I was starting to wonder when someone was going to be taking out the stitches I could see, but apparently I was looking at the scab of the incision. Dumbass.

One thing out of all of this, we’ve been getting a lot of love and support from everyone. The really weird thing is, I keep reading how uncommon Hodgkin’s is (7,880 new cases per year), yet it seems everyone knows someone who has had it. The best thing is that every story is a success story. We have yet to hear something like “My brother died of Hodgkins disease.” Everyone knows survivors. You can look at all the charts talking about how curable this is, but it really helps having the personal stories to back it up.

And just think – in six months to a year, you’ll have my story to tell everyone. One more survivor on the list. Sweet.

On a truly non-cancer related note, we’ve been having all kinds of weird internet connection problems lately. Everything from Comcast hiccups to misbehaving power supplies. So if you send either Barb or me an email, it might take us a little while to get to it and respond.

Now it’s back to gorging on fruit leather…