The Too Much Information post. Slightly.

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a bit. It’s been a combination of drugs and not much happening.

Saturday, Joe and David stopped by to see the house and go over a plan of attack for the wedding. Joe’s going to be coordinating it for us and David’s going to be taking photos. Sunday, I basically slept all day. Monday was back to work after a stop by the bank. Not the money bank. Let’s just say we’re covering our bases on the fertility front.

After work, Barb had found a lady with a free five drawer file cabinet for me. As anyone who has seen my office knows, I’m kind of at a lack for places to file things. The cabinet is super heavy, so we managed to get it into the garage. Some day soon it will be in my office, three floors up.

I placed a post on Ask Metafilter to get a better idea of what I’ll be in for the next couple of days. There’s good folk out on AskMe.

I took my drugs early on Monday, including the wonderful Ativan. I was conscious long enough to hear Barb talking to John Hand, who has an air conditioner to bring over for me. WOO HOO!! Thanks John! My current plans are to roll up the mattress like a burrito and stick the air conditioner at one end. Of course, that might’ve just been the drugs talking.

Today was a really down day for me. I think I’m coming down with another bout of sinusitis (that actually started on Saturday) and between it, the hospital recovery and the Big C, I was really sluggish and stupid today. Wound up having to leave work early ’cause I was scaring myself on the road. Doesn’t help that today’s all rainy and gross.

Barb also found a cheap mini-fridge that we have to try to pick up when she gets off work. I’m just going to sleep in the truck until she gets us there. It’s almost tempting to go out to the truck now just so I don’t have to get up off the couch.

Tomorrow’s the big day – port placement and treatment numero uno. Wish me luck, and I’ll post when I stop puking.