Father’s Day Might Be A Mother

Man, I’m starting to get irregular on my posting already. I’ll do better, I promise.

The past few days have been pretty good, even garnering the comment from my boss “You seem way too energetic to be going through chemo” on a couple of occasions. Today might be another matter. I woke up with the upper back/glass in spinal column pain this morning, plus a post-nasal-drip-sore throat. Oy. Our wedding is next Saturday, and I’d damn well better not have clogged sinuses.

And while I’m complaining, I’ll mention this part as well. A few days ago, I was lifting my little wheeled cart for all my stuff into the car and it sheared off a small chunk of one of my fingers. Not a huge injury, but one of those sore nagging ones. Guess which finger it is, though. Yup, the wedding ring one. Fortunately, it seems to be one of my injuries that’s healing pretty fast. I think it’s all the pressure I’ve been applying. Not bandage pressure – mental pressure. “HEAL you stupid little…”

But, other than today and the finger thing, life has been going rather well. Friday Barb and I went for a walk around one of the MDC water reservoirs. Naturally, we stopped at the largest one (with the fascinating name “#6”), so we didn’t go all the way around. We thought we went close to halfway, but looking at the map of the place later, we saw that we only went about an eighth of the way around. Wow.

It was nice and quiet there, other than the voices in my head arguing about “suspicious activites” and whether or not we were making any that would be reported to the authorities. “Does walking on the big rocks count?” “Wait a minute. Can we get this close to the water?” “Should I pick up this rock?” “If I throw it in the water, will Someone think it’s anthrax?” “Run! No! Don’t run! Walk. Casually. But fast.”

Once my brain calmed down, I realized we were attracting geese. All of the geese. It started with a mom, dad and their three teenage goslings. The only fuzz they had left was on top of their heads, so I had an instant bond with them. I’m guessing that people must be regularly bringing bread and stuff to feed the geese, because while they all stayed in the water, they still followed along with us, stopping when we stopped, looking expectantly up at us. Poor hungry geese. Then again, they were poor hungry fat geese. I’m guessing someone will be along shortly with more food.

Yesterday was music day. I’m trying to get together all of the music for the wedding. The tricky part for me is the dancing portion of the reception. See, we’re just using a playlist on my iPod rather than a band or DJ or anything. That means I have to come up with both the fun dance songs for us kids, as well as the occasional slower song for the olds, all the while trying to not fill the list with lovey-dovey songs that’ll have everyone gagging by the end of the night.

Seeing how I’m not quite through with the “A”s in iTunes, I’d better get back to work. Then again, I still need to take some pills for my back, which are all the way downstairs. The next house we get is going to have an elevator.