Hockey and Supercross

Well, I finally did it. I got the skates back on yesterday. The weather was nice and cool and my body was feeling tired and worn out from work, but I decided as I walked to my truck that I’d skate again today. I had second thoughts after getting all of my hockey gear on, as I worked up one hell of a sweat just doing that.

I skated over to a parking lot a couple of houses down that I’ve been looking at for awhile, thinking it would be a good place to practice. Ummmm… no. What looks like a nice black parking lot in a car can turn out to be a hilly mountain range once the skates are on.

I wound up staying out for a couple of hours and got in maybe 15 or 20 minutes worth of skating. My legs didn’t feel too bad, ’cause my feet cramped up so much that I didn’t really get a chance to push myself. Plus, the hills and constant traffic kind of kept the wind sprints to a minimum.

It felt good to skate, though. I seem to be skating better than I recall skating three or four years ago. of course, I always felt like I skated better on wheels than blades. I think the ice points out more flaws in your skating style than asphalt does. Regardless, I felt good.

Today we went and saw… Supercross the Movie. The best thing I can say about it? It’s eighty minutes long. Seriously, this movie made me long for the good old days and fine acting of Winners Take All. Sure both of them had RJ in the movie, but Winners was so much more. I mean, it had Tony Longo and Peter DeLuise fer cryin’ out loud. From past experience, I knew this movie was going to be bad, but I never would’ve expected something like this.

When we walked in the movie theater, it smelled like a men’s bathroom. Seriously, one of the women who was already in the theater asked if we smelled the smell too. I couldn’t decide if it was urine or urinal cakes that gave off that distinct odor, but after 80 minutes, we all knew – it was this movie.

In other knews, Larry is over for the weekend and we made ourselves some marshmallow guns. Insanely easy to make/modify and super fun. Our backyard will never be the same.