A quick update

Three reasons why I haven’t answered your emails or posted anything lately:

1) My monitor is currently sitting in little pieces on my office floor. No, I didn’t have the final breakdown. My monitor’s been acting really wonky for awhile now, acting like it wants to pull a Yorick on me. Luckily, Barb found a site that explains how to take apart and repair your LCD monitor. I’ve finished the taking apart part, now I’m in the “waiting for the parts to arrive” stage.

2) Barb kidnapped me on Friday. It was my “Done with Chemo” surprise, one week early. I’ll tell you more, but it’s taking a looooong time to type it all up, especially since I have no monitor at home.

3) I have a mix CD to put together and get out by Friday for the MonkeyFilter CD Exchange.

So eventually life will calm down again and I can get back to writing occasionally. Whee.

Oh, and in case I don’t get to say anything before then, tomorrow is THE LAST TREATMENT. About time.