Licking Toner?

I stumbled blearily into Andy Clarke’s website this morning and saw that he had a post today about his referrer logs and associated interesting search terms used to find his site. That prompted me to go back through my logs and see what jewels were waiting out there for me. Here are some of the best, going back to mid-2004 or so.

handle it handle it from the carter country show video clip Carter Country and WKRP (Les Nessman in particular) are frequent search phrases for my site. Mayhaps I should change the direction of my site?

taking adderall anally You know, I didn’t read all of the instructions when I was taking Adderall, but I don’t recall this particular advice being listed.

who is the hodge podge band Now you have me wondering.

sexxy expectant As do you, sir.

the last wound up Wasn’t that the wast sighting of the Winestone Cowboy?

small drug purple passed around If you don’t know, best to keep passing it around…

hate ace frehley awwww… what has Ace ever done to you?

dog scooching butt across floor I get many search hits for phrases like this. I wonder if they’re disappointed to see it’s just my opinion on the current trend in jeans.

r. kelly zorro mask pictures

how to hide thumbs

my bleach hair is falling out can i dye it

ooooh productions

when i press on my knuckles i have sharp pains in my joints what does this mean?

i like me i think i m fine Good to know.

five month pomeranian

woodland sprites

treatment for hit in groin Ouch. I would suggest ice. Lots and lots of ice.

janice dickinson is a freak I’m pretty sure this is a direct quote from my site, but good to know I’m not alone.

the old lady with purple hair Screw you.

shaky and tired

conclusion of lays chips

what words come to mind when you see the color purple?

afordable living in california

ho productions lightsaber All my homies in with the Force say “HOOOO!”

what does semi weekly means

old lady with purple hair Seriously, screw you.

squirrel armpit

willy wonka song stuck in my head Crap. Now it’s in there again.

purple hair old ladies Don’t make me come down there. Bitch.

greg gorman drunk

how to get semi out of your hair At first I had no idea what that meant, but I think I know where they were going. The only things I have to say are 1) Atta girl and 2) I don’t know but I would suggest lots and lots of shampoo.

what is a moondoggie If you’re one of those “purple hair old lady people,” a moondoggie is your worst nightmare. Bitch.

butt scooching dog why is my worms

groin productions

shower drain hair catcher

i love office supplies Who doesn’t?

willy mays kickboxing

my story of hantavirus I think this was an after school special, wasn’t it?

drilling a head port for chemo Crikey! And I thought I was going through hell.

licking toner

moondoggie from hell You know it!

george s. patton poetry criticisms

memo to myself do the head

hygeine penis holder

groups spooge_on_peggy Perhaps that’s Peggy with the semi in her hair?

target dog bullseye 7 beanie The geese fly at midnight.

The scary thing is, this just means I’ve bumped my site up a little higher for these phrases. D’OH!

Oh, and if you came here from Andrew’s site, the comments on my page don’t work at the moment, even though the form’s down there. Think of my site as the sad house in the ghetto with the broken windows. There’s a contact email link for you above if you feel the need to chat.