Well, I made it through the week. Went to the doc’s office for another couple of hours of hydration this morning. The labwork this time showed only a small amount of blood left in my urine, so it appears that everything’s flushing and healing as it should. I’ll be extraordinarily happy if the bathroom breaks can be extended to a couple of hours at least. This morning I was still at an hour and a half and I’m dead tired.

Turns out, an hour and a half is just enough time for me to lie down in one position, not move, go to sleep and eventually get into that deep dream state. At which point, I have to wake up and go to the bathroom. Over and over.

After the doc’s office, I went in to work to finish up on one of our websites. I was able to get all the things working we need to have working, but I was quite out of it as I sat there typing away. Now I can get two days of (hopefully) real rest, not having to do anything or think about that site. I can just lie in bed and ponder this uncertain future of mine. Oh joy.

First off, I think the Neulasta has a depressive effect on me, ’cause I sure got into a funk after this shot. While in the funk, a little bit of my future started connecting together for me. Namely, food.

With ABVD, I had a lot of time where food tasted nasty. To be more specific, my mouth tasted horrible, which transferred onto the food I was eating at the time. Now with the new stuff, there’s more of a health concern to the eating. Once the stem cell stuff starts, I can no longer eat in restaraunts (for the time of the treatment, not forever). Partially, this is to keep me away from crowds, but mostly, we have to be sure of how my food is cooked. Everything has to be cooked through and through. If there’s any vegetables or fruit to peel, Barb has to do it so I don’t soak up the insecticides and such. All kinds of stupid little rules to keep me alive. Suddenly I’m the boy in the bubble, just without those killer jogging shorts.

I dunno – I’ll ponder the implications more over the weekend, but the immediate future doesn’t look too rosy. Maybe the cancer’s finally eating through my cluelessness…