Photo Day

Well, yesterday was primarily spent sleeping. The gemzar doesn’t seem to be as bad as the cisplatin was, and Dr. D thinks that the decadron they gave me as a premed was causing a large part of my stomach distress. Apparently even though it’s given for its anti-nausea properties, it can have kind of a rebound effect when it wears off. I got my Neulasta yesterday, and other than being a little muddleheaded (compared to last week where I was only a little coherent), I’m feeling fine.

Barb has posted her blizzard photos so you can see what she, her brother and nephew had to dig us out of on Sunday. There’s another new photo for you to see as well, but since that’s a surprise, I’m going to make you click the “read more” to see it.

Surprise! My hair started really hurting me on Monday and I had enough of that and the whole shedding thing, so I shaved the remaining bits off. It was starting to look patchy anyway. We have a few more photos of the new look that I’ll post later – having some downloading issues at the moment and I’ve got to go get ready for work.