Time Flies When You’re Asleep

Wow, what a week. All told, from Wednesday through Thursday, I think I was awake for 12-15 hours. Saturday wasn’t much better, though I think it was the first day I was awake more than I was asleep. Sunday we had Bev’s birthday over here at the house and I did pretty well all day, moving from one chair to another. About fifteen minutes before people started getting ready to leave, I just crashed. I was sitting in front of the fireplace and every ounce of strength went out of me. I don’t know if it was obvious enough to cause everyone to leave or if they had just decided it was time on their own. Either way, I discovered that when I hit my limits, it’s like a wall.

My bloodwork was bad on Monday. The white blood count was kind of low, but the AMC (the number of the cells that actually fight the infections) was in the basement. They wanted to see 1500. I had 500. At first, they weren’t going to give me the treatment, but they knew I would be getting Neulasta today, so they went ahead and gave me a lowered dosage of the gemzar. Whatever it takes to keep the treatments going.

Today was a much better day – still really tired, but I stayed awake. I can feel myself crashing, though. It’s not happening just yet, but it feels like it’s a few minutes away. Time to limp over to the bed before it hits, I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re Asleep

  1. Found you through Duane’s ‘Prizefighter’ site. Am finished with two rounds of ICE and I totally get the whole weariness thing. Starting with transplant pre-testing on March 13th (oh f*ck). Do you have a start date yet? Good luck to you. Nice to find another blog to check in on.
    Best Wishes, Amy

  2. Hey Amy, good to hear from you! All of my testing is starting on the 13th too, at least that’s when my PET scan’s gonna be. Here’s hoping we both see what we want – good luck!

    Oh, and since my wife found Duane’s blog, I’ve been gathering a list of survivor’s blogs to put up here once I get my act together. Always good to know you’re not going to stumble into one of those “In Memory of” sites.

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