It’s not Art.

I had one of those “stuck behind an idiot in the faster lane” revelations this morning on the way to work. Basically I have a new second mantra that deals with the non-cancerous portion of my life.

Let’s go back a bit. You see, I have ADD. One of the symptoms of this is getting very easily overwhelmed by things. At least for me, that’s a biggie. One of the ways I do this is by paying attention to all of the little miniscule details of things, especially anything creative. Then, if I have more than one creative thing to get done, I see all of these miniscule details, shut down and don’t do anything.

It’s not Art.

That’s what I’ve decided to start trying to tell myself. I realized this morning that I always take some Higher Approach to anything creative I do, like it’s going to wind up in MoMA or something. Photography, woodworking, sewing, programming, designing, writing… I never quite do these things for myself. There’s always this Other who will eventually see and judge everything I do. Why? Because it’s Art!


So now I’m going to try to leap over this huge mental obstacle of mine so I can actually get things done and possibly enjoy doing them.

That would be quite a change.