Speaking of Armies…

Since I had to break out my camera a little while ago (a long story involving bad power supplies, idiot scanners and a million fonts), I finally took a picture of the package I got in the mail a bit ago from The Regulars. If you wanna see the big picture, click the little one.

Regular Goodness

Inside was a strip with three Regulars-logoed stickers, a photo and the now-expected password hint paper. Unfortunately, my hint is for the number seven in the second slot, which has already been figured out. Now we all just have to sit around with bated breath until the next recipient posts their hint.

As for the photo, it’s markered with the phrase “Where are we going?” in the lower left corner. The photo itsels if of a map of London with the National Portrait Gallery circled. Upon receipt, I zipped over to the gallery’s online presence to try to find a clue, but it was no help.

Or was it?