Barb is a GENIUS!

So I spent a few hours with Brian yesterday getting him settled into the hospital for his week-long inpatient chemo treatment. He’s got a private room and the nurses are great and everything seems really cool — except the TV. It’s got one of those horrible remote controls attached to the bed that only has one button for the TV – channel up. You’re out of luck of you want to go back just one channel. We spent some time being annoyed by it.

Then as I was driving home last night, I wondered if a universal remote control would work on that TV like it would a regular TV at home. I pulled into Wal-Mart around 9:30pm and got a $7.00 universal remote. This morning when I visited Brian we tried it and it worked like a charm!!!! What a wonderful thing! It’s amazing how the little things can really make a big difference. Now Brian can watch ESPN and get hockey news and switch back to Comedy Central when it’s time for the Daily Show!

It should make a HUGE impact on his health. 🙂