Barb’s update of Brian

So Brian had his surgery on Wednesday. The Doc said it went well and they removed almost the entire thymus. He said the thymus put up quite a fight and didn’t want to come out. Apparently, it is a badass just like Brian. Brian was in a fair amount of pain for the last two days, but you couldn’t tell by looking at him because he’s such a trooper. They took out his chest tubes yesterday and we’re guessing they’ll probably send him home today. I’m going to go visit him soon and hopefully a doctor will have told him he can leave. Yay!

One thought on “Barb’s update of Brian

  1. Hey Trooper! Hope you are doing fine and are just being lazy typing an update for the folks who care and think about you. I am at MD Anderson right now getting my second ESHAP and still find time to browse the forum and check for updates.
    Anyways, best wishes and speedy recovery!
    — Natalia

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