Day +14: WBC 1900

Well, there’s been excitement since the last posting. About an hour after I made that post, I was in the hospital being admitted for a fever. It was around 101 when we left home, 101.6 when we arrived and 102.4 about an hour later. At some point after that, I finally started cooling back down. I was in the hospital from Saturday night through Tuesday morning, and by Tuesday morning I was well past ready to get back home. Actually, I crossed that line Sunday afternoon.

They took a chest x-ray of me Saturday night and read it as me having pneumonia. Dr. Cooper felt that since I had a chest CT just that morning that showed no pneumonia, it must have just been a bad x-ray. They took another Tuesday morning before I left and I found out today that the area they read as pneumonia was clear, but now there was fluid elsewhere in my left lung.

The floor nurses didn’t give me printouts of my labwork like the clinic nurses do, so I don’t know what my blood’s been doing the past few days. I do know my WBC was 1700 yesterday, so today is a move in the right direction. Erin said that after you get taken off the neupogen, you can have a big drop in your WBC, so it’s good that I’m climbing back out of the hole. Today all I needed was some hydration and bloodwork. Tomorrow will more than likely be the same. Looks like everything’s finally on the way up.

Now it’s time to go lie down in the air conditioning again.