The Plans for Tonight

Well, it’s time for the End-of-Cancer present we’ve all been waiting for! Barb’s taking me into NYC today to see… The Colbert Report! If you have Comedy Central (11:30 EST people – get a nap today after work!), be sure and look for a bald guy if they happen to show a shot of the audience (it’s the Colbert Report. It happens.). Tonight we get to see Dr. Michael Novacek, dinosaur hunter – you know what that means: EVOLUTION DEBATE! YES! Al Franken’s supposed to be there too – sweeeeet.

You might have noticed I alluded to being bald. While I’ve had some hair grow back in since the stem cell transplant, what was there was short, fine and babyesque. I decided to shave off what I had in the hopes that stronger stuff might come out. Plus, it’ll make me easier to spot in the audience 🙂 It already feels like a good idea, ’cause my head feels a lot stubblier than it did when this stuff was growing back on its own. It looks slightly weird though, ’cause the stubble gives my head a sort of blue tint. Maybe that’s just what color it’s going to be growing back as.