I just noticed that my last post was on JUNE 22nd and now I’m finally posting again on AUGUST 22nd. Spooky! Not to mention that my jersey number is 22 as well. Oooooo! And Oingo Boingo is playing too! That doesn’t have anything to do with the number 22 as such, but it’s a spooky sounding song.

3 thoughts on “Ooooo….

  1. Hi Brian…taking the time to check out some of the HL blogs tonight and thought I’d stop by and say Hi. Hope you are doing great. Is the Neurontin working for you? Sure hope so. You are missed on the forum. Oct has been a CLEAN SCAN month so far…Laurie, Ryan, Karen and many others. Lauren had a 3 mos follow up CT on Mon – has her Onc appt tomorrow. She’s looking and feeling great….hoping that’s a good sign for squeaky clan scans! Take care yourself. (((HUGS))) to you, Barb and Phoebe.


  2. Hey Bri – saw you’d had a reply in September and in October, so thought I’d add one for November!! A happy belated Thanksgiving to you, Barb and Phoebe…………hope it was all you could hope for (and more – never any harm for asking for the best!!)……….take care – thinking of you……..xx

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