Atlanta, Day Seven

Okay, technically, it’s morning seven. Unless your counting the actual hours, in which case it’s way to damn early to do the math.

So I’m in a Country Inn & Suites in Smyrna, GA watching the Zach Galifianakis marathon on Comedy Central. And I didn’t go to IMDb and copy his name to get the spelling correct because A) I’m not a perfectionist and B) I’m a big fat liar.

So I’m in a Country Inn & Suites in Smyrna, GA watching the Zach Galifianakis marathon on Comedy Central and that Volkswagen commercial comes on. You know the one. Where the old VW bug is talking to the neighbor about the sound his hybrid makes (and the neighbor replies with the noise that makes perfect sense but is practically impossible to spell). Yeah, that one. So I’m watching the commercial when it suddenly occurs to me. This is a car that owns another car. And that’s the thing that bothers me. Not that the car is talking to a guy or that theoretically the car also owns a house (either that or is such a prick that he doesn’t care about messing up someone else’s lawn), but that this is an old car that has gone out and bought itself a new car.

Granted, said old car is a spokescar for the company that made the new car, so the old car probably didn’t have to pay for the new car. I would imagine the company just comped him the car. Or perhaps the new car was in the old car’s contract. Regardless, it bothers me that the old car would just fritter away its money like that. I mean, I’d understand if the old car bought like, one of those eighteen-wheelers with the car-hauling trailer on the back. At least he could ride around in (okay, on) it. What’s a VW bug going to do with a sports car anyway? Unless it’s a girl car, of course.

And if you’re sitting there in amazement over how much thought and typing I can put into a rather lame commercial, I would just like to say 1) I might have typed it, but you’re the one who stuck around to read it and 2) take a look at the post time. The drugs have SO not kicked in yet. Or maybe they have.

Good thing that I didn’t notice it was a black car that owned a white car.