I’m Doing It Again.

Now granted, I’ve had a hectic almost-two-weeks since getting back from the Georgian Business Trip and I’m currently sicker than a dog (since Phoebe is healthy, other than moping around because Mom & Dad are sick). However, I’m falling into the same old pattern. “I can’t do a post about this thing ’cause I haven’t done a post about that thing yet. And I haven’t gotten the site all together yet. And I haven’t beefed up the ukulele section yet. Or even TOLD people I’m playing it yet! OMG! OMG! OMG! Peeeeeeeee.”

The saddest thing is, I’m thinking like this and I know for a fact that only a handful of people even know this site exists right now. I haven’t mentioned it on CiMB and Moondoggie is a splash page. And yet I’m still stressing about people being able to keep up with the storyline. The insanity never ends, does it?

So to clear the air a little bit, here are some things I’ve been doing that haven’t been mentioned and will probably be expounded upon at a later date:

  • We have a dog. Her name is Phoebe. We’ve had her for a couple of years now and I don’t recall if she’s been mentioned on any of my blogs before. She does, however, have a small internet following.
  • I started playing the ukulele after requesting & receiving one Christmas of 2008. I’m getting better day by day and, after a mere seven months, suddenly have three ukuleles. These things are like frickin’ rabbits.
  • Despite being mad at myself for falling into the same old posting issues, I’ve been making some pretty good progress getting my head sorted out this year. Amazing what a great psychologist, a handful of drugs and a ukulele can do for you.
  • That’s right – in addition to regular psychotherapy, my ukuleles have been a major factor in me figuring myself out, getting my head on straight, and making my immediate world a much happier and stress-free place. Go figure.
  • So far as I know, I’m still cancer-free. Last PET scan was 12/30/08, which was negative. As usual, I let changing insurance coverage bounce me around until I’m now in that awkward spot where I feel kinda stupid calling for a checkup after so long without one.
  • Other stuff.

I know there’s an even bigger list of things in the back of my head right now, but these are the big ones that are keeping me from posting more regularly. I’ll come back to them and discuss them more in depth at some point, but now you have the facts and I can erase them off the chalkboard of my brain.

Stay tuned – I’m picking up speed.

That’s “speed” as in “momentum.” My prescription’s not out for another week or so.