Still not great, two years later

Okay, here’s how weird my brain is. I guess July is the time of year when I decide to get back to blogging. Fuck, do they call it “blogging” anymore? Is writing things down even still a thing? Like writing with no real purpose other than entertaining strangers with the stupid shit in your head? Is that what TikTok is?

Anyway, I took the site down for a year or two so I wouldn’t have to think about keeping up with it and now I’m thinking about keeping up with it again. And holy crap, is there a lot of old stuff patched together around here.

Like I usually do when I decide to restart my web life ( is 25 years old this year), I read back through a couple of posts. The post before this will pretty much bring you up to speed on my life, because it seems like I’ve apparently been idling for the past couple of years and living within the confines of that post. I have a few more worries in my life, which I may get around to later, but for now, just a quick “I’m still alive and still messed up” for the one or two people who might randomly wonder what I’ve been up to and pull up the old website.