What a night of skating!

What a night of skating! I’ve almost learned how to do a hockey stop now (muy importante), and at the very least I’m rockin’ on my snowplows. I only smashed into one and a half people on the ice and only had one near miss with the coach.

I’ve discovered one thing about my skating and puckhandling skills – I’m really good at keeping my head up. This is good in theory, but considering I don’t have the skills to avoid collisions, all it means is I get to see what’s getting ready to happen and have lots of time to dread the impact. Maybe I’ll start working on looking down until I’m more skilled. That way I won’t know what’s getting ready to happen to me.

Well, almost finished with my heaping helping of pasta, so it’s off to the showers, then to bed. Just think – if I went to bed right now, I could almost get four and a half hours of sleep. Ugh. Let’s hear it for mid-afternoon naps!