It’s a race to see

It’s a race to see which I’m going to turn into – a big can of Coke or a big tupperware of pasta. I’m thinking the Coke, ’cause I tend to keep a pretty consistent level in my bloodstream. I suppose I should cut back one of these days, but I don’t feel up to going through those caffeine DTs right now.

Kind of like foreign movies. I don’t mind subtitled movies, but I have to be in the mood for them. Therefore, I haven’t seen many of the recent foreign “Ohmigod you HAVE to see it!” movies. I finally broke down and watched Run Lola Run mainly to watch, well, Lola running. It was said by one critic to be “Sliding Doors on steroids.” A friend of mine and I agree that it’s more like Sliding Doors on acid.

So since I’m still not quite in a subtitle mood and I’m watching the DVD, I decide to go for the english dub. Quite interesting, ’cause I left the subtitles on also. It was like watching two different movies. As expected, the subtitles were much better. 1) The dubbing just used any words that happened to sort of match the actor’s mouths. 2) Franka’s dubber was really whiny. They should’ve gotten her to do her own dubbing (that sultry voice in the music. You know – “I wish I was a hunter”). I guess I’m going to have to get back into the subtitle mood one of these days.