Oh yeah, I forgot I

Oh yeah, I forgot I was going to mention this here. Actually I thought of it last night, but I had shut off the computer and was angrily trying to get my contacts off of my eyes. I have really dry eyes anyway, and when you add in the fact that I’m not quite all there, things degrade in a hurry. I had almost convinced myself to just stay awake so I wouldn’t have to take them out.

Anyway, what I had forgotted was my trip to the nearby Taco Bell for a dose of PHTs (Post-Hockey Tacos). While I was waiting in the drive-thru (all of the smart, fast people work graveyards at Taco Bell), I see this furry object with a long skinny tail bolt in between my car and the truck ahead of me, straight for the Taco Bell window (“It’s comin’ right for us!”). It cuts off just before the window and starts wandering beside the building. I crane my head out of the window for a better look, thinking “My GOD what a huge rat!” I focus in with my bionic vision and see… an opossum? Inconceivable! (“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”) Who would’ve though an opossum would be wandering around in downtown Berkeley? Maybe that’s the new Taco Bell mascot. Anything would be a nice change from that idiot chihuahua.