So I go back to

So I go back to our QA lab and there was some freaky techie guy in there already hogging a bunch of the computers. Lucky for me, I started my testing last night. Take THAT techboy!

He was quite jumpy while I was in there – almost came out of his skin when I leaned back in my chair and it creaked. You should have seen him after I got through racing my chair around the lab making “VROOM VROOM!” noises. Well, in my head anyway. They don’t know me well enough on this floor yet to realize I’m really like that.

Pennywise (“Astro Zombies”) followed by Everything But the Girl (“Before Today”) followed by No Doubt (“Ex-Girlfriend”) followed by Peggy Lee (“Fever”) followed by the Cookie Monster’s (“Lost Me Cookie at the Disco””). I heart MP3s.