Well, woke up with a

Well, woke up with a tremendous migraine this morning (possibly due to the center ice collision I had last night with a really big defenseman), so I’m in total recovery mode – Un-Aspirin, Coke, and Ella Fitzgerald. In the CD player, that is. My typical migraine cure. It would help to not be at work today, but today’s the day we get taken to see the X-Men. That little factoid almost didn’t get me out of bed (yes, it’s just that bad), but then I remembered I had convinced everybody to go to Kubala’s beforehand for Burgers from Heaven. Burgers make Astro a happy boy. B is for Burger, that’s good enough for me.

So since I’m slugging down a Coke, I needed to eat a little something so it wouldn’t eat right through my stomach. Mmmmmmm… M&Ms. This is when I discover that I don’t have any change in my pocket. I go out to the car and discover that I apparently only have three quarters to my name. Great.

I get 75 cents worth of happiness and realize it looks awfully brown in the cup. I go back to my desk, dump them out and start counting (don’t ask). I have 14 brown M&Ms, 5 red, 5 yellow, 2 orange, one blue and one green. For those of you keeping track, that’s 50% brown! Looks like it’s going to be a brown day.

Oh, something funny when I drove in this morning – I was behind a Yellow Cab and noticed that they had an URL for the company on the back. As my eyes wandered around the its trunk, the taxi’s number slowly started seeping into my head. 404. If you think that’s funny too, maybe you should walk away from the computer for awhile, get some fresh air.