I am a total DVD

I am a total DVD slut. My parents helped me out with buying a player for my birthday, so I’ve been stocking up on the movies I love. And the movies I like. And the movies that are okay, but they’re just soooo cheap!

Two sites I’ve found invaluable in my quest of theatrical acquisition:

1) DVD Pricesearch – to put it in a plain, high school-type manner, this site ROCKS! Not only can you compare prices on individual DVDs, you can create a basket of DVDs and compare prices for multiple movies, as well as the option to split the basket up to get the best deal. Add into the equation that it takes shipping and tax costs into account, as well as a separate section of the site listing special deals and coupons for different sites, and this becomes my favoritest place in the world.

2) Netflix – twenty bucks for unlimited rentals – how awesome is that? Considering Blockbuster charges me around four bucks per rental, I’m ahead of the game each month after I’ve rented five. I rented nineteen last month, so I’m waaaaay ahead of the game.