Someone has to stop me.

Someone has to stop me. I had a $10 Best Buy gift card burning a hole in my pocket (prize for buying the DVD player from them), so I stopped by there to see about getting Chasing Amy with it. Naturally, they didn’t have it, so I lunged for The Fifth Element. I took my purchase happily up to the counter and waited for the clerk to figure out how to ring up the gift card. I felt like a big log in a river, suddenly coming up against a narrow point as I watched the line back up behind me.

So once that unpleasantness was over, a little voice in the back of my brain says “Why don’t we stop by Circuit City over there and see if they have Chasing Amy?”
“Because we don’t have a gift card for Circuit City.”
“But it’s not like they’ll actually have it.”
“What if they do?”
“What if they don’t? Come on! It’s only a few blocks away!”

So I go there and, you guessed it – they had a copy of Chasing Amy. Note: A copy of Chasing Amy.
“I don’t have a gift card, put it back on the shelf.”
“Oh come ON! They only have one copy here!”
“And I don’t have a gift card – I’ll have to pay full price.”
“Remember? We did the figuring last week. This is about the same price you’d pay getting it online and it’s right here!!!!”
“Right here, huh?”
Right here!!!”
“Same price?”
Same price!!”

So now I have Chasing Amy in my collection. I give in to my inner child way too much.