Well, I figured out what

Well, I figured out what I’ll be doing instead of hockey. I’ll be waking up way too damn early. I think my body got used to running on no sleep and has been totally freaking this weekend. Oh well, at least it’s only an hour to kill before my actual wake up time. Knowing me, I’ll get really sleepy in about thirty minutes, just so I can go back to sleep and feel like crap when the alarm goes off. After all, it’s Monday.

I finally watched Tetsuo: The Iron Man this weekend. Well, most of it anyway. I became a little too tired of trying to figure it out to pay attention. It does bring up an important question that every couple should ask themselves: “Honey, would you still love me if I had metal growing out of me and a giant drill for a penis?”

I also ran to go see Gladiator before it left the big screen. Yes, my butt is still asleep. I think Ridley Scott and Bryan Singer should have switched movies. Ridley gets the X-Men, Bryan gets Gladiator. Then we’d have the perfect amount of story for both.