I just remembered something I

I just remembered something I was going to put up here after thinking about my beloved Chasing Amy DVD. I’m a creature of impulses and that movie is one reason why. Well, not the movie itself, but the thought of the movie. Or something.

Look. I put off getting this (and the Fifth Element) for awhile, ’cause I told myself that I should wait, stay within my strict (right) DVD budget, find the best deal for it, etc. Then I go crazy, splurge and get it. I watch it and it brings me great joy and happiness. Which brings me to two unsafe-to-the-pocketbook conclusions:

1) If I want to get something, I might as well get it right then, ’cause I’m eventually going to find a way to rationalize getting it (I believe with the aforementioned movies it was “You know, I brought my lunch four of the five days last week, so that’s like $24 right there.” Of course, I was doing that ’cause I needed the $24 for some other purpose, but I’ve quickly managed to forget what that was. More on that later.)

2) Chances are, whatever I want is going to bring great joy and pleasure into my life and I’m all about joy and pleasure. Why put it off? Get it now!