My my, how appropriate. Well,

My my, how appropriate.

Well, I made it through the migraine yesterday in time to make the game. Of course, immediately after the game, it came back. Luckily it’s only a mild one this morning, so I’m happily back at work. Of course, I mean “happily” in the same way those kooky kids use “bad” to mean “good”.

In other word news, I love yesterday’s Learning Kingdom “Cool Word of the Day” that I missed:

imbroglio [n. im-BROL-yo]

An imbroglio is a confused, often embarrassing, state of affairs.
Perplexing entanglements or bitter disagreements are also imbroglios.
Example: “Jeff had no idea how he ended up in this imbroglio but
knew it would take a great deal of explaining to get out of it.”

A near synonym of imbroglio is embroilment, which shares the same
roots. Imbroglio is an Italian word borrowed by the English in the
mid-18th century from the verb imbrogliare (to entangle). This was a
variant on the French verb embrouiller which developed from the
conjunction of the Middle French en- and brouiller (to broil).

Imbroglio can also mean a confused heap or tangle.

Pretty much describes my personal life.