Ahhh…. 30 more minutes until

Ahhh…. 30 more minutes until the weekend begins. Hockey tonight, more movies waiting in the mail for me, a birthday party tomorrow (the Bossman’s), and absolutely, positively, without a doubt nothing at all planned for Sunday. Just the way it should be.

My God! That clock’s hands have started moving soooooo sloooooowly…

I’ve noticed an interesting trend in the blogs lately. People are wondering what the big deal is with Napster’s legal problems. Several I’ve run across have pointed out that you can still get mp3s everywhere and that people who use Napster are just lazy. Interesting that they put this on their easy-to-use blog from blogger.

Me? I’m all for ease of use. Never went for those velcro shoes though – I couldn’t get back up if I was sitting Native American-style on shag carpeting.