Don’t know what’s up with

Don’t know what’s up with me today – I’m in a blah mood. Sort of like there’s a tinge of beige to the world. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with me that I could point to as the cause of my crappy feeling of the day. I’d call it a general overall malaise, just ’cause I’ve been looking for an excuse to say “malaise” for the past couple of weeks.

But my day’s already gotten better – Marketing Wank just came in and turned on ALL of the lights (hey buddy, think there’s a reason the only person here is sitting with only half the fluorescents on?) and the Pug has arrived, snorting and snuffling its way past my desk. And to top it all off, I took the “What Breed of Dog Are You?” test over at EMode and discovered that yes, I’m a Pug. If a giant anvil would just fall on me right now, it would make my day perfect.