Down with boy bands! Here’s

Down with boy bands! Here’s something fun to do while Napster still exists – hunt up a nice cheesy novelty song (Christmas ones are my favorite) on beloved Napster. Find a boy band song out there that’s relatively close in size and rename your novelty song to this one. If the sizes are off a little bit, give it a DJ mix name. Having a novelty song bigger than the boy band song is ideal. this makes it look like they’ll have more to listen to. The teeny-bopper downloads the file (56K users make me giggle), excitedly double-clicks the file and hears:

“Jingety jing!
It’s Dominic the donkey!
Jingety jing!
The Italian Christmas donkey!”

Guaranteed minutes of entertainment! Be careful though – Dominic the Donkey is now my favorite song on my playlist…