Sitting here, bored out of

Sitting here, bored out of my skull and tired as hell, but I can’t go to bed yet ’cause I’m drying some clothes I idiotically washed a little while ago and there are some I have to take out in a little while. So, with that mindset in place, I’ve been playing around at You know, it’s that place where you can go and feed in all of your personal information so the people who beat you up and took your lunch money now know where to beat you up and take your stock options.

Two thoughts occurred to me while wandering aimlessly through the site:

1) There are a lot of my classmates in here! I wonder if they just signed in as themselves to see who else was in there. Too bad for them they’re not as paranoid as yours truly, who wasn’t about to sign his real name in there.

2) I wonder if any of my former classmates are going to be pulling out their dusty old yearbooks to see if they really graduated with a “Myah Butreeks” or what exactly “Richard Hertz” looked like. I tried to limit myself to two new classmates, ’cause I was giggling too much when I’d see their names pop up on the list. I think the neighbors are starting to wonder about me. Maybe tomorrow I’ll sign up as “I’m a stupid moron with an ugly face and big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt”.

Come on people! The Simpsons! Get with it! Geez. I guess I’ll just have to be Amanda Huggenkiss.