Can I die now? I

Can I die now? I think if one more drop of snot congeals in my sinuses, my head’s going to EXPLODE.

Now how’s that for a lovely picture?

I went and saw the Hollow Man yesterday, but forgot to mention it. Shows you how good it was. The effects were spectacular, but the plotline deviated to the standard slasher pic fare. You know the type – “We only have an hour’s worth of semi-believable plot, so let’s have everyone lose their common sense in the second act so we can drag it out for another hour.” I won’t give away any of the… uhhh… plot, but let’s just say that if you’re being threatened by a psycho and you have a crowbar, don’t just hit him once. Smack him like a piñata until you can’t smack him any more. I wound up leaving the movie angry, but at least I got to “Oooo” and “ahhhh” over the effects for awhile. I’d say it’s definitely a rental/matinee movie.

One little thing that made me chuckle – we occasionally get these first-person shots in the film where we’re looking through Kevin Bacon’s eyes. He’s invisible to everyone, yet he’s still hiding behind things when people hear a noise and look his way. I guess old habits really do die hard.