Wow. Wow. I finally went



I finally went and picked up Fight Club from the library. You know the old axiom about the book always being better than the movie. Who could’ve guessed it would still hold true? The book is everything the movie was and more. Wow. I came home from the library, plopped down on my bed and started reading. Two hours and 208 pages later I close the finished book and drop it beside my bed.

I am Joe’s expanded consciousness.

You could almost hear my brain making chewing noises as I tore through the book. Definitely one on my “must buy” list. Looks like I’m going to be getting all three of his books rather soon.

In the meantime, it’s off for my own personal fight club – hockey. Too bad my opponents can’t understand that I’m liberating them each time I knock them to the ice. Perhaps tonight the refs will understand. Or the player will understand and knock me down just as hard, returning the favor.

Maybe I should just sit on the bench tonight….