Okay, now I’m worried. As

Okay, now I’m worried.

As my loyal readership (both of you) knows, I sit right outside the women’s bathroom here at work. Not out of any perverse longing to keep tabs on the womenfolk or anything, it’s just where I was placed.

They’ve been doing some kind of construction up on the roof today – quite annoying. They had finally taken a break and it was nice and quiet. Two women just went into the bathroom at the same time and after a very short period, the drilling on the roof recommenced, which sounds like it’s coming right from the bathroom.

It’s a very VERY loud buzzing sound.

Oh, the rumors I could start!

“Woman A? I don’t know where she is. I saw her and Woman B go into the bathroom with some strange contraption hooked up to a car battery. Why do you ask?”

At this time, both of them have left the bathroom and the noise is still going. Either it really is the drill on the roof or they left their little “friend” on the bathroom counter. It’s probably beating the bejeezus out of the porcelain sink in there as we speak.