Well, today is a post-food

Well, today is a post-food poisoning day of relaxation. Thanks to a friend-who-will-remain-nameless (don’t want my rabid blog fans going after her), I got it in my mind that Burger King would be a pretty good meal last night. How wrong I was.

It was just a mild case, fortunately – I spent the usual five minutes afraid that I was going to die, but only had ten minutes of hoping I would die. Last year I had a bout that was more lopsided – 5 minutes of thinking and an hour of hoping. Add to that the fact that I was at a bowling alley at the time and you can imagine the misery.

Luckily I was safe at home this time, recognized the symptoms and had time to prepare properly. Is it strange to be proud that you’re prepared for food poisoning?

It went away about as quick as it hit me, so I was able to crawl back into the living room and finish watching Hudson Hawk. Wait a minute. I forgot I was watching that movie. Maybe it wasn’t Burger King’s fault after all….